Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day.

In celebration of the royal wedding... i'm getting a little British. I fancied a scone. I've compiled a British mix- including my recent favorite, Adele. And in researching things to say that are British, found that i'm half way there. So, i will continue to use words i do anyways like, "beastly", and "blasted", "fancy" and "lovely" only today adding a little accent!

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recent Thoughts Part 1 of 3: Pursuit.

Can i start with a question? I mean, it’s probably the least educated way to start a good piece of writing, but you know, i’m a blogger. Do you expect anything fancy? Good. So, here’s my question: Edward or Jacob?

Wa wa wa. Just kidding. I hate Twilight. ( I’m so funny!) OK, before i loose your attention, i’ll cut to the chase.

I’ve recently been thinking about the concept of “pursuit”. Not of COPS or Happyness, but rather the concept of choosing or being chosen and what that communicates to people. Fret not, this is not a “pity the 24 and single gal” blog. While there might be an obvious connection between my lack of romantic material and these thoughts, it’s larger than that. The element of pursuit transcends romantic relationships. Do i need to convince you of that? Is it pretty straight forward. Pursuit, or the lack thereof, reflects a choice. And that choice reflects true intentions.

Wait for it....... ok!

You’re probably thinking of a relationship. A relationship in which you feel less than pursued or where you’ve perhaps dropped the ball. I have a list of both. Friends. Family. Significant others. It’s probably safe and simple to say that any healthy relationship is two-sided. Both parties must be mutually invested and show it. Duh! Right? If not, you get that stalker girl who’s overly obsessed with a guy who’s kinda interested. (I’ve been there.) A friend who’s hurt because someone said they would call, but they never did (Yup, been there too). Or a marriage that’s deteriorating because his pursuit is toward that of a hobby over his bride (I pray against this one). Let me give a less dramatic example. How about the frustration you feel when people just don’t come through like they said they would? Or when someone forgets something big? I think we can raise questions of pursuit. Are they (am I) choosing something else to purse? And why? While the deeper issues of these example might be more than that of just unequaled pursuit- I think it's rather central. The pursuit and reciprocation of it speaks clearly of the heart’s true desires. Do you or do you not really want what you’re pursuing? In your pursuit, what are you choosing? And in that choice, what is it over?

Here's an example. If Jason Mraz were sitting at the Starbucks in Victorville, I would, after asking a few blaring questions, go see him. In high speed pursuit, I would go find him. Why? Because I’d really like to meet him one day. While trivial, i think you get the point. My pursuit followed my desires. Even a handsome man, playing a guitar, wearing a fedora (like he always does when getting coffee at Starbucks) would get me in my car.

Jesus tells me that where my treasure is, there also my heart is. And i think it works just as well in reverse- where my heart is, there you’ll find my treasures. My Time. Money. Investments. Affections. Etc. Do you love your car? You’re probably spending your money on it. Are you spending time and money on a gal you’re interested in? You probably really like her. Do you keep your word? Then you probably value the person to whom you gave it. Do you want to get to know him? Then you probably care to spend your time with him. It’s kind of simple, eh?

Much easier said than done though, right? This strike my heart as deep as it probably does yours. And let me take a stab at why. Relationships are hard. We’ve been the ones on the hurting side. We’ve been let down and we know the back burner all too well. But, to be fair, the loved ones in our lives know it well too. The hardest part of relationships is making them work (put that in a quote book.). And doing so is taxing of time and energy and money and emotions. (But, if you’re married, you get a credit. Work that.)

Here's my exhortation. Let’s get intentional friends. It’s safest to hurt those who are closest. It’s easier to bend my word with a best friend than with a new acquaintance, as he probably won’t care if we meet next week. It’s simpler to avoid conflict and a hard conversation, as they know we’re still good. It’s a whole lot easier to settle for lukewarm affections, as she knows I still love her. However, these are the people, the ones who are closest to us, that need to know they are still chosen! These folks need to know that even though they are stuck with us, we still love them enough to pursue them.

By golly, let’s show some gumption and pursue the things that we care for! Pursue the people that we love! Your pursuit will communicate to them that you are choosing them! That you’re choosing them over comfort, or self-protection, or conflict or your pride. In the end, your pursuit communicates love in simply being chosen. If we need a man to look toward for example- set your eyes on Jesus. He came running after me. Snatched me from the world I chose over him, slaughtered the fattened calf, put a ring on my finger and threw me a party! In his pursuit he chose me. He set me apart and called me his own. That, my friends, communicates great love!

And THAT is how we should love the people in our lives.

Getting Ready for Today.

Monday, April 25, 2011

awesome of the week- Easter

I love Easter. I love it for many reasons, some of them more legit than others.

I love holidays that gather families together. Thanksgiving. Christmas. 4th of July. Everyone comes together, we spend the day relaxing, eating and enjoying each other. I dig that. Mostly because my family is awesome... and second because i plan to fully use up the great gift God has given me of both time, closeness and a family who loves Him and each other really well.

Easter, however, is a little different. While we still get together to eat and enjoy each other.. there are a few added oddities. Dying eggs, looking for them, then grating them into egg salad. Tasty, but random. Eating chocolate bunnies or crosses. Also tasty and a little strange. Or blowing up those little marshmallow peeps in the microwave just to see how distorted they get. (do it. you'll laugh.) There is something greater than all of this during Easter, and i had a sweet taste of it this weekend.

Having come to know the Lord in high school and since watching my family come to know Him, one by one, the movement of God in my family in recent years is SO evident. My mom calls it a "banner of mercy" and i think i'll have to agree. It's pretty radical and nothing short of God's mighty hand! The transformation over the past 8 years or so has been kind of mind blowing. And well, rather AWESOME. He has transformed our lives, personally, and is remaking our family, daily. Which is also awesome. Easter weekend reminds me of two things, i was dead, WE ALL WERE DEAD, and Jesus gave me life! HE GAVE US ALL LIFE! And that changes everything!

Life before Jesus was dark. End of story. Fear. Doubt. Bondage to sin. Depression. Addiction. Weightiness of guilt. The new life he gave me is that of victory! It's light. It's forgiveness of sin! Co-heirship. It's oneness with the Lord and right standing before God. It's joy and peace! It's righteousness! By his death and resurrection he secured the defeat of death and transfered it to me! That is his offering of forgiveness and victory over sin! By grace he had mercy on me and snatched me from the pit. He set me appart. He called me, justified me, and is transforming me into glory- from one degree to another. THAT, is what i adore! Jesus makes things new! He makes them, he makes US, beautiful. Not in bandaging me up. Putting on patches and smoothing me over. But, He radically remakes me- reforming me into something beautiful. No words to explain how awesome that truly is! Not that i was good enough to deserve any of it. I couldn't do anything and i am deserving of nothing. But, in his kindness, he found favor and called me to himself. Do i need more reason to celebrate?

So this Easter, i celebrated with my family. We worshiped together with the Church in the morning. We got together and enjoyed a tasty meal. We sat in the living room, broke bread and took communion together as a family (15 strong) and remembered the prophecy that foretold of Jesus (Thanks Grandpa!). Awesome i tell you.

We celebrate Easter once a year. However this morning as i was reading my Bible i was reminded to fix, continually fix, my eyes on Jesus! Because he is my strength and strong tower throughout the day. But also because He is coming back! You see, this is the awesome thing, Jesus promised he would come back and make all things new. Oh, and his promises are true! Jesus is coming back, for the second time! I don't know the time, or day, or any of that jazz, but he is. And there is so much hope in that. He will restore all things. He will heal all that is broken once and for all. And take back what is rightfully his! For that i wait! Until then, i fix my eyes on him and what he is doing today!!

Maybe today Lord! Happy Easter friends!

Friday, April 22, 2011

awesome of the week- rainbow cake.

My niece turned the big ONE and her mom, cousin and i made her ONE awesome cake. Who wants a ONE layer cake when you can have SEVEN? And who wants ONE color when you have have SEVEN bright colors of awesomeness stacked nicely together? NoONE. So, after FIVE hours of rotating TWO pans, and FOURTEEN cakes later we THREE had ourselves the fixings for TWO, SEVEN layer rainbow cakes.

And it was AWESOME! Awesome. ONE batch of lemon buttermilk frosting and THOUSANDS of bright sprinkles... we had the best cake EVER. I mean ever. I don't think Sweet Tae even ate any, as she destroyed the free cake from Staters, however, we were overjoyed to cut the beauty! And well, all of her party guests were in awe!

That what i like to call a job well dONE! : )

Rainbow Cake Recipe from Martha Stewart herself.
However, we blew hers out of the water. Or out of the rainbow. (Like Skittles.)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Think about Me
The Goo Goo Dolls

You take a lot of chances with your feelings
No one really knows what you feel
Fixing is the only way you’re dealin’
You turn your pretty head and think it’s real

Oh, you
You take it so slowly
And your eyes look so lonely
But it’s only when you think about me
Oh, yeah
When you think about me
Think about me

And I got ahead
Don’t let me speak
And you got a secret I can’t keep
You see a little stranger in your mirror
The guy you never knew is what you fear

And all you want is something I can’t be
All you want from me is what you need
And now I’m saying I don’t know

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Else Where: MountainChild at Catalyst.

New Blog on

Have i told you recently that i love my job? I do.

I had the awesome opportunity to visit Catalyst Conference this past week on behalf of MountainChild. Held in the lovely city of Irvine, California, Catalyst Conference annually gathers thousands of powerful leaders to address the ideas of leadership and world change. It is the hope of this conference, along with those also held annually in Atlanta and Dallas, to launch an igneous movement of leaders set on changing the world. While my notebook is filled with bullets and sub-points on many things, I came home with one main, rather simple, observation: Awesome things are happening in this world.

That statement may not settle well with you. It’s rather contradictory to that of CNN and even messages from the pulpit. It doesn’t take long to find a suitable counter example either, but trek with me for a minute and let me explain.

The notability of speakers at this conference was pretty remarkable. Church leaders. Social justice advocates. Authors and inventors. Financial advisors and movie directors. All of these, powerful figures in their areas of interest, set on a united vision: changing the world and leading others to do the same. Be it in the local church, or water projects in Africa. Through progressive literature and gadgets, to concepts foundational to a burgeoning economy and innovative media. They each plug a unique message, but their ends are the same: change. This message stands face to face with a depressed economy, natural disasters, political unrest and is victorious. In spite of all these things, change is moving forth and great things are coming of it— worldwide!

Serving with MountainChild affords me the opportunity to know about the Himalayas and the good things that are happening in those mountains. Which, in all bias, is especially awesome! But, while sitting in the midst of powerhouse leaders, championing their own equally worthy causes, I was reminded that good things are happening everywhere. Carrying hope with MountainChild means that I get to take part in something a whole lot bigger. The good that comes from work being done in the Himalayas contributes to a greater mosaic of world change. A beautiful tapestry of goodness, if you will— and that is awesome!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Impress Me.

I am thirty minutes into my "work day" and i've yet to crack my email. I've been doing battle today-- which takes precedence over my timecard. The enemy is a roaring like a lion seeking to steal, kill and destroy. And well, he's not welcome. Christ has victory over him, and in his strength i do battle.

Yesterday the Lord blessed me in his Word and the calling to be daily impressed with God. To be daily taken back by his greatness and wowed by the King of Kings. Yesterday was a such blessing and my heart was thankful. It was such a beautiful day!

I woke up this morning, yes, promptly at 7am, with a pep in my step. After opening the Word, with a warm cup of coffee in hand, I got inspiration to write something. It's been a while since i've dappled in poetry, but God uses creative things of the sort to speak powerful truths to me. So i got out my computer and went to work.

The enemy took note and welcomed his sorry ass into my head. In lies of who i was as Christ's bride-- don't go there fool. It's amazing how many lies, the ones you thought were dead, he brings up in a few short minutes. But, i pressed through-- His truth is more powerful.

And for all you girls reading this-- i'm having a "blah" day. You know those days when you don't feel right in anything you put on, when you're hair is funky and well, you should have saved the mascara for another day? So, i fought back. Pony tail. Jeans. T-shirt. Jesus can't take his eyes off me.

Then i learn of my Popi, who so lovingly did the hard work, that two blasted minions (or mice) have made their home in my belongings in the garage. Awesome. Battle in my mind. "It's ok Sarah. You said if you haven't used it in a year you were going to sell it anyway."

Daily battle. Right here folks. In the raw and real.

Today is monday- but that is no excuse for a crap shoot day. No excuse to let the enemy speak stress, or the feeling of being overwhelmed, or any of those lies. he is the father of lies, and he likes nothing more than to disrupt the work of God in our lives. Recognize it. Has he stolen your joy? Is he tinkering with it? FIGHT THAT FOOL. Is he stealing your peace? FIGHT THAT FOOL. Is he tampering with what God is trying to tell you... FIGHT THAT FREAKIN' FOOL and don't back down until he flees like a little girl. (no offence to the little girls reading this blog.) No room to mess. Jesus is good. He is the giver of life... and well, all else can peace the heck out.

So. There's the background story of my morning. Onto the piece i wrote.


Impress Me.

I want to be amazed.
I want to be found awe stuck.
I want to be left moonstruck and bone struck, fancied and lone struck,
Can’t speak of my name in the face of my King stuck.
Impress me!
I want my breath snatched away.
I want to be left panting and wanting.
Unable to speak because i can’t feel my feet,
My mouth without words, stopped dead in my tracks-

Show me your greatness!
Holding all that is beautiful, fashioned. Displayed.
Impress me!
Captivate my senses.
Lock my eyes in your gaze. Tune my ears to your voice.
That i might know you!
Let me taste of your goodness. Locked deep, shut down, bound tight in your Love.
Leave me longing and restless. Unable to sleep at the joy of your presence.

Overwhelm me with safety.
In the palm of your hand, clothed royal and loved-
You impressed me.
You created, imprinted, etched, carved and you knitted
The word of your plan on my heart.
You have folded and grafted and waywardly snatched.
Taken for yours.
You have chosen. Predestined, foreknew ‘for all of creation,
I am taken.

Impress my heart.
Till i’m left pale in face.
Pound it into my heart, on my head, between my eyes. Because i’m forgetful.
Remind me.
Of your faithfulness to Israel. Though lusting and longing, defiled and untrue-
You provided. Bread rendered from heaven. Water flowed of a rock.
You brought victory.
By the hands of a weak man, squatting low on a rock. His hands held high- by his brothers.
You are faithful.

Impress me.
You are the author of time and fashion out beauty.
Continue to wow me.
That i might be found utterly wordless, perfectly doubtless,
And empowered.
Uncluttered, now clear, unbroken, made whole.
Captivated by beauty, Hungry for Truth.
Neck deep in your graces moved only by your Word.
Impress me!

Do so abundantly.
Over-the- topped-flowingly.
Overwhelmingly, astoundingly, I know nothing else more awesomely,
Impress me!
That lookers would know, in the eye of your Bride, that i’m yours!
That i’m taken.
Unmistaken. So shaken, sent brilliantly awakened.
Help me to love them. Like you did. Humbled and pointed.
Impress me.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

You can judge me. It's ok.

So, my body has sadly mistaken itself for a middle aged woman. (Which unless i plan on dying at the early age of 46, is hardly accurate). This is sadly evidenced in the fact that i wake up at 7am, every morning, regardless of all desires to sleep and with no consideration for the minimal hours of actual sleep in me. This is unacceptable.

But nature will have it's way, so after tossing and turning until 8, i got up with only one thing on my mind. Coffee. (Go ahead. Judge away.) With my heart set on a warm mug of awesomeness, i walked out to a sad, sad smell. You see, it's the all too familiar smell of a morning when we've run out of coffee. Of what, you ask?


Yes. Raspberries.

We have the stash of coffee (if you can even call it that) of raspberry coffee that is resorted to when we've hit the bottom of the real stuff. It makes for a rather tragic morning. I fight a crappy attitude (i know, judge on)... and rummage for something that will provide a warm caffeine jolt. (Who even makes raspberry coffee? I have no desire to dip strawberries in my coffee, who would think raspberries would be any different? It's ludicrous disguised as luxury and i have no interest in it.)

Doubly painful was that i finished off my black tea selection earlier this week. With no coffee, no tea, and the sad attempt at the first wafting throughout the house, i managed to find the end of a jar of instant espresso and went to work. It was just enough for a bitter quarter cup of jolt to kickstart my morning, but was sadly lacking the tenderness to truly warm my heart. (I know. I told you, keep judging.)

A Facebook update, an egg and toast, and a warm shower later i was still struggling to wake up. Then, Madre walked in from the grocery store with the treasure. Around 1pm i fixed up a pot of gold (true, undefiled coffee.) and drank 2 blissful moose mugs (which is probably 5 actual cups) of it.

I really like the taste of coffee, which is why i like to drink it. I also like the routine of enjoying it in the morning as i read my Bible (Judge now sucka.). I'm just admittedly off kilter a bit without it-- i'm ok that that. And, plus, it provides really good material for a blog post like this. : )

: ) thanks mom!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have a thing for dresses right now, which is unfortunate because it's like 53 and raining.
But, lovelies remain so apart from the weather, so, here's to another beauty!

Thank you ShopRouche for finds i can find nowhere else!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

awesome of the week- #275

I've followed an awesome blog for a a little over a year-- and it's well worth sharing! My friend Jugie (her given nickname) found it one day and showed it to me at work. I'm not exaggerating when i say we spent the rest of that working day reading it. It was awesome.

And well, when your title is "1000 Awesome Things"... it's best that you're awesome.

: )

So everyday there's a new, witty post on something the general public finds awesome. From your colon to when the DJ plays the song you requested... its on there folks. 1000+ strong. Add that to your "i already checked Facebook, no updates, and i'm bored" website list.

This entry was particularly awesome because it posted on the weekend, not typical, AND today's post is one of my favorite things too!!!

Awesome of the Week is given to 1000 Awesome Things and number #275, "Sundays".

(check out number #491 too. that was pretty awesome too!! )

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Sometimes i use "stupid" as a exclamatory preface in a phrase i'm trying to exaggerate. Like "stupid cute" from the post below. I believe some have mistaken it for a hit on kids- which is understandable, but far from me. I just mean their so stinkin' cute it's stupid. It probably should be hyphenated... forgive my error. I don't want folks thinking i some jerk face calling kids stupid. I like kids. I really do. And only some of them are stupid. (just kidding.)

"And she works in kid's ministry. pshhhh... "

: )


Kids truths for a grown up heart.

So, i work with kids at my church. And to say i love it is hardly sufficient. It's a little strange to think about how much i really do enjoy it, so let me explain.

A few years ago, i would have hung out with kiddos for a few reason, none of them out of pure love for kids. Most people just expected me to, 1. Because i wanted to be a teacher (the good Lord spared me from that as a job early in my major decisions). and 2. i was a girl. A natural combination for folks to work with kids, right? "She'll be a mom eventually... she should probably work with kids." And while i did it, and i think did it alright, i never really LOVED it.

So i plugged into ministry for young women, mostly jr. high and college aged women and that, i loved! I loved walking with ladies with whom i was a few steps ahead and with those who were in similar seasons. It was rich- and yea, i loved it!

So, fast forward a few years, and i move to Korea. Awesome. My days are filled with stupid cute kids who work hard to understand English and can stare me down with the cutest, most confused eyes i've ever seen. So while my ESL lessons proved less than awesome at times... i succeeded in the universal art of love and laughter (and in that taught them some English that really mattered! And only a few bad words, they were in top demand.) And, you know what, they won me over. Kids like when you make a fool of yourself. When you struggle to draw (and they likewise struggle to decipher) a figure on the board you drew intending to clarify the spoken concept you couldn't communicate verbally. Yea... they like adults who love them and want the best for them. High fives and funny voices, cookies and kimbap, love and laughter translate well.

All that to say, i grew rather fond of kids this past year. Not in a pet your head, your so stinkin' cute i wanna eat your face, kind of way... but rather in a you're pretty awesome, you need some love and i'm gonna talk to you like an adult kind of way. And we're both gonna laugh like kids when you so something awesomely appropriate because you're "a kid!" and because i'm an adult who has no authority or desire to punish you. shhh.... : )

Now im stationed in California and i find myself rockin' kid's ministries. I was a little hesitant at first, but it's awesome. Aside from getting to hang out with kids and talk to them about their "mastery of animals trivia" or "cool new dance moves", I have a new found settledness that the Gospel is sufficient. It doesn't need to be watered down. They get it! They ask the good questions. And will truthfully answer the hard ones. I'm learning that the grace of God and the simplicity of his Gospel is simple... and kids get it in the most pure kind of ways. They don't need frills, they've got life to keep on living.

So i'm reading through this weeks lesson on humility, that being treating others as if they were better than you, and i get a kick in the pants. ("Not I, the adult." Spoken with one hand pointed chest-ward as if i were British) The message is simple. But dang, SO needed. What would look differently if i actually put to practice humility in my own life? Let's get real straight for a minute-- i'm far from humble. And well, i wear pride like stunner shades at night-- to my shame.

A humble, simple life values others greater and esteems Jesus higher. Jesus-- the Creator of the FREAKIN' UNIVERSE, the Redeemer of the world, the BEGINNING and the END, the one who rendered heaven to save my sorry self. Yea, that one. He humbled himself to death on a cross. And before that, he washed people's grimy feet-- even those who would betray him. He gave and loved. He served and then he offered himself to die. He got spit on and his friend's fell asleep on him. True humility.

A schoush (a made up word i use for "a little") of that, an ounce of that, in my own life would clear up the image i bear of Jesus-- the one the i love-- to the folks watching me. And dang, He would shine magnitudes brighter!! And that is what i want! I want people to see Jesus and to love him-- i just have a hard time getting over myself.

A lesson for a kid and a much needed shake for a grown up. Repentance, likewise, is also simple- stand up. Turn around. Walk. So here i go... figuratively. There's a mirror behind me. While probably humbling for my face, bad for the mirror.

: ) Jesus is good... i'm thankful!