Sunday, July 10, 2011

She followed me home.

A dog followed me home yesterday. With my ear buds in, hitting close to mile 4 I was in the "holy heck it's hot" zone. It was like 90 degrees. I was thirsty. And I was only a few short minutes from home.

Then she showed up.

She had come around the corner just as I crossed the intersection and she latched on. This furry four legged friend was now following along quite closely, attempting to keep pace. After a while of trying to ignore her, I stopped. I didn't want to detour her too far off her path. My hope was that her owner was within yelling distance. Yea, not so much. I couldn't shake this dog.

Being somewhat "hearted" (I guess the antithesis of half-hearted) i turned around and walked back to our fated corner. She was obviously thirsty and needed to find her family. So I walked around the neighborhood hoping she'd recognize her home. Or someone would recognize their dog now accompanied by a random sweaty runner with an obvious disdain for dogs. Yea, not such much. I asked neighbors. Random passerby's. Tried to get her to "relax" in the shade, while i made a dash for it. I even attempted to give her to two fellows sitting in their garage- in which she kindly roamed about. Again, not so much. This girl liked me.

Which, for so many reason is horribly ironic. The biggest being: i don't like dogs.

So, seeing that it was nearing noon, and I was already an hour ago hot and exhausted, i decided to head home. And well as you've probably already gathered, she followed along. All the way home. The whole time i was laughing. It would be me that a dog would follow home. You see, dogs favor my lap. They beg of me for food. They like to be near me, and lick me, and well, they seem to think I want the same. Besides the licking- that's rather repulsing. But, that's not the case. I don't like animals and I will openly admit that to their furry faces.

I was also a little embarrassed. The looks I got suggesting some disgust for running with a dog-a pit bull- without a leash.

She's not my dog!

By now, we had developed an hour long relationship and again, being somewhat "hearted", I couldn't bare the thought of calling animal control. So I got home. Immediately texted my boyfriend and updated my Facebook with a witty comment about the irony of it all, and tried to think through what the heck I was going to do with her. So, I gave her some water, not wanting to fully commit with a bowl of food, and let her chill. She made her rounds around our neighborhood, but every time I opened the door her two beady eyes looked up begging to come in. Yea, not so much dog. I'm not that "hearted". Plus, my other dog, Dugan, would have probably had his way with her. No baby making on my watch folks. Or puppy making. Whatever.

So, I left for church and returned to find she was gone. Disappointing end to this story? I'm not sure where to- but, i bid her farewell. And I thank her for an afternoon of borderline annoyance and a story worth sharing on my blog.