Monday, March 28, 2011

if only i had some place to wear her!

Sometimes i wish i could rock a new dress everyday... especially ones as lovely as this!
Thank you ModCloth for keeping it awesome. (And more expensive than i can ever afford.)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creeper. Not Keeper.

i wrote this blog a while back... but i still think it's pretty funny! enJOY!
Creeper. Not Keeper.

Repetition is powerful. When several, similar “happenings” just happen to happen in a short period of time... it’s hard not to take notice. And though most of the time it’s when I’m due for a whirlwind of character development, this most recent trend is quite perplexing. It's like when you pray for patience and the whole week you master the light grid to get all reds and your computer seems to run at turtle speed. Well... I’m just not so sure what the heck to do with it, but i'm hoping it's not indicative of my future.

You see, I seem to be attracting men. Yes. Men. But, hold on to your knickers my friends... no need to jump for joy just yet. While most women would not consider such a problem... these aren’t the kind of men I’m really looking for. However to some, at this point, I should just take whatever I can get.

Let me explain.

When a newspaper sales man greets you from across the gas station parking with, “Hey there pretty girl,” it’s kind of freaky. If he’d been in a windowless, unmarked, white van, I probably would have run. And if there were an alternative entrance into the gas station, I probably would have made a discrete b-line to another door. You see, I don’t usually make small talk with the fellows pumping gas.... and not too often do I strike up a conversation with strange men in parking lots. Call it rude. To me, its seems common sense. But, in Sarah kind, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and smiled. Since this man seemed to have a non- traditional-woman-snatching job—selling newspapers—I disregarded the creepy one-liner and thought it’d be safe to say a quick good morning, pick up a paper, and head on my way. Oh contrare! Intentions were dually noted when regardless of the multiple conversation diverters I attempted, he persistently commented on my “pretty eyes” and how “he doesn’t usually pick up on younger women like this.” When he continued to ask my age and the age range of men I typically date I gave my adieus and hit the road. Man #1 we’ll call Creeper. Negatory on the keeper.

Man #2. The gosh darn sun. You know when you’re talking to someone and the sun is right behind their head and you can’t really see their face? All you can really see is the silhouette of their head? Well let’s just say the stars were perfectly aligned for this second story and I met the non-man-of-my-dreams number two.

I stopped at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. All I wanted was a cup of coffee. You know those times when you go to Starbucks hoping that some cute lad will be sitting in the corner reading a book you could make an intelligent comment about? You’ll hit it off and the rest is history? (Just me? Oh, sad.)
Well... this wasn’t one of those days. I really just wanted coffee... and even if there was a cute lad I probably wouldn’t have gone for it. (Actually I probably would have, but for the drama of this story I’ll say I was on a strict mission to get some coffee.)
Coffee in hand I walk over to the condiment bar to find a uniformed man doctoring his own cup o’ jo. We exchanged good mornings and as he passed me the half-n- half I look up to make eye contact. At this point the sun is right behind his head, magnifying as it makes its way through the glass, and is literally blinding me. I make a witty comment about bright lights and apologize for squinting to see him. I literally cannot see his face. Actually at this point, I really can’t see anything because the short glance into the direct sunlight has marred my eyes. I do catch him giving me a quick one over and he proceeds to tell me he likes it because “at this angle, it makes my eyes look pretty.” Don’t know if swanky can be used to describe speech, but if it can that’s how he talked. Creeper status.
He seemed like a nice guy so I disregard the body scan and creepy, swanky voice, and quickly stirred and lid-ed my coffee. The conversation continued and because I didn’t want to be rude, I kind of move around and shaded my eyes from the sun so I could see his face, and to hopefully protect him from awful, distorted faces I’ve been making at him—compliments of the sun.
He was like 50. And a cop. A fifty year old cop.
Cops are fine. Fifty? Seriously? Not the cute lad I had in mind. Not even close.
The conversation continued and ended at the “Oh, I’d give my money to those eyes,” comment.
I chuckled awkwardly. Smiled and headed toward the door. Offering wishes of a “good one”.
And somehow he got away with my business card.
When does that ever happen? I cannot deny the stars were aligned... but seriously. Fifty? Come on man!

Man #3. I sometimes will take my lunch to a local coffee shop, buy a diet coke, and enjoy my sack lunch on the patio. Today I did the same and I met a man named Matt.
Let’s just say I met Matt inside the coffee shop and he followed me outside to the patio. I entertained the break from my reading and talked to him for a while. He was a nice guy. Just wanted to talk to someone. I could do that! He expressed interest in the Untied Way and volunteering (note to self- remove name tag when you go to lunch), so I gave him my card and told him to check out our website! After a while of talking I said goodbye and headed to my truck. He stopped me mid-parking lot and told me “You know, there aren’t too many single, Christian women in the high desert.” I affirmed him, not really knowing what to say to that, and he continued to tell me how his pastor told him there were “more demons in the valley than any where else.” I thanked him for talking and encouraged him again to check out the United Way and headed back to work. Laughing once again at the kind of men I seem to attract.
About an hour later I heard some commotion in our front lobby. My boss has crossed paths with a man as she’s leaving the office. She’s having trouble understanding him but makes out that he’s asking for Sarah.
Matt followed me to work. To give me his business card. He goes on to tell me, “You’re a California girl. With blonde hair and blue eyes.” And that he’s, “a beach boy.” I try to divert the conversation to volunteering with the United Way and thank him for bringing by his cards. And though met with some resistance I tell him I have to get back to work and thank him again for stopping by. Matt is a nice man. I appreciate his persistence, but there’s a line. Following a girl to work is a little creepy and crosses that line.
I later leave for a meeting and return to find I’ve missed a call from Matt. He wants me to call him back. He left his cell phone number.

My conclusion is this: I’m either in the wrong place at the wrong time and too nice to the wrong people, God has an awful sense of humor, or I’m a bloody magnet for crisis-bound middle-life aged men. Mom always said I’d marry an older man... but I’m hoping older does presume the creeper, the stalker, and infertile.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

yes. please!

fabric, flowers and flats.

My Family is Awesome.

This Christmas my family decided to do Christmas a little different. Like most families during the holidays, especially it seems in this economy, finances were tight. And well, we all decided that our "idea" was a whole lot better than a sweater.

So, here's what we did. We didn't buy presents- except for my nieces. They're just too much fun to watch open presents! My cousins made up bags with trinkets varying in degrees of randomness. On Christmas eve, in lieu of opening presents, we all drew a bag (even over skype!). The plan is this: each family unit is responsible to plan a date of sorts for the rest of the family. Our gift to each other is the gift of time. Fun times spent together as a family- just enjoying each other. Each family gets a month... so throughout the year we have intentional family times!

Well, the Potts family, yours truly, were up first. Our items: treasure map. hilly billy teeth. pooka shells. Awesome right?

Naturally, we hosted a pirate party and it was FANTASTIC. My lovely cousin, Ty, who is also a fantastic photographer, documented the evening... and you should check out her work.

My fam- in all our glory!

First Mate Fiddle and Sweet Tae

Servin' up the grub.

My beautiful sister and brother-in-law

Thursday, March 10, 2011

awesome of the week- the international day of awesomeness.

Yup, that's right. March 10th, International Day of Awesomeness.

Though it unfortunately marks the birth of awesome's unfortunate legend, Chuck Norris... it is nonetheless a day to celebrate all this is awesome. Sweet! If you say so!

I don't think it's made it to the big league of holidays just yet, as in i had never heard of it before today. BUT, don't be fooled. It is worthy of all the awesomeness it was named after! And, by golly, we need more days that celebrate the little good things in life! Bring on the marginal holidays!

So, there you have it. A holiday to celebrate awesomeness. Next year... i'll be more prepared and start a movement. I'll change my profile picture (you will too if you really love Jesus). We can make a video that will become YouTube viral. I'll walk around barefoot and someone can make t-shirts (organic, v-necks of course). Chuck Norris has already signed an endorsement contract and has agreed to shave his beard.


Monday, March 7, 2011

My name is sarah- im a fixer.

I wrote this a while back... but the truth of it rings recent.


My name is Sarah and I’m a fixer.

You see, I’ve got this nagging “fix it” rooted in me. I like to call it the “Pottsie-fix-it”. Some of my friends know it all too well. It’s my hardly discrete sidekick that comes out when life gets a little crazy. I must say, with years of practice I’ve, or shall I say we, have gotten pretty good at “fixing” things. In my life, and in attempts to “fix” things in my loved one’s lives. Most of the time it’s just easier to panic, get all stressed, go for a run to clear my head, and then make a lengthy to-do list of things needed to get “back to normal”. Sure, my face will break out under the stress, i’ll run a little faster than my prior freak out session, but I’ll work it out! Fear not friends! I’ve got it! I’m good! The weight of it all will only slightly swallow me for a few days, but i’ll hide it well, trod double time, and the check list! Oh, once that last blasted box is check, all will be “good” again!


“Au contrare, mon ami! Au contrare!” says Jesus. (If he were French, of course.)

Three months ago I moved to South Korea. Tonight i decided that if one craves kimchi and opts for chopsticks over a fork-- they’re no longer “new to Korea”! I’ll be in Korea for a year and in the Lord’s perfect (often comical) timing, he has decided it the best to teach me, again, about trust!


As if leaving my loved ones wasn’t hard enough, let’s though a few curve balls in the mix and see what happens! Now, I don’t promote the cosmic pitcher view of God- but sometimes life just seems as if balls are b-lining toward you and all you can really do is run along, back against the backstop, trying not to get decked. When all along you’ve got a bat chillin’ in the dug out. “GRAB THE BAT KNUCKLEHEAD! GRAB THE BAT!” (Unless you can’t hit. That could prove awful.)

But, I digress.

I know that God has a specific plan for me leaving California and moving to Korea-- part of which I understand now, but a lot is unfolding as the days pass. One thing I do know is this: God is teaching me how to trust him and it’s hard! You see, when you are 6,000 miles, one bus ride, and a 13 hour plane ride away, lack extensive texting or really any convenient cell phone communication, and live 16 hours in the future of everyone you love and care for, and things back home seem a little out of control, my fix-it tendencies are useless. But God, whose ways are higher than mine, knew that it would take radical distance and physical limitations and separation to get through. I’m rather thick at times, but I think I’m starting to get it! (Phew!)

When things in life get a little out of control, I am quick to fret. Quick into “Pottsie-fix-it”, and quick to my feet--ready for action. What can i do to fix what is wrong? How can I make things better? Send a card. Make some soup. Sit and talk. Punch a jerk-face. Share a meal. Read some scripture. Patrol life. Just in case, you know? The list continues. But when you cannot give these things (in any method faster than snail mail), meet up to talk (at an hour normal folks have coffee), or simply be there when people might need you (where you appear to have legs and exist outside of a video box), it’s hard and easy to forget.

It’s easy to forget that God is God. That He is in control. That he is the one who counts and numbers the hairs on the heads of the people I love and that he loves them infinitely more, and can provide for them exceedingly more than I could ever. I am quick to forget that Jesus wins! That he is victorious and that the light will not be overcome with darkness. I am quick to forget that he has good, abundant, full life planned for his children. And back by popular demand, his grace really is sufficient! And well, simple, that I am: E. None of the above.

I’ve mastered the “Trust God!” lingo and will pass it along the next chronic doubter confidently. But deep in my heart I have wrestled with believing that God really will take care of the awful things in this world and most of all the people I love like he promises he will! I forget that He really is orchestrating this whole thing we call life and he really can do it apart from my input, my efforts, and my meager attempt to “fix things”.

He can do it without you too.

Sure, God calls us to carry the burdens of our brothers and sisters. And yes, He calls us to actively and often times tangibly love people. But, not apart from trusting that God is God and He, alone, is in control. Not apart from prayer and supplication and a heart of trust. Trust rooted in remembrance that God was good in the past, He is good in the present, and he will prove to be good again. He really, truly, undoubtedly is able!

He’s God.

(Fancy that!)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

awesome of the week- Jesus.

Yes, my friends, yes he is! I spent the latter part of this week at Catalyst Conference, in Irvine, CA. I had the opportunity to visit on behalf of MountainChild and it was amazing. Apart from connecting with other like minded non-profits, i was deeply enCOURAGED. I have never been in an auditorium surrounded by thousands of Church leaders before. Folks who love Jesus and desire to follow him into the world to make Him known to others. It was powerful and really awesome.

The theme was Take Courage. Not a virtue i often, or possibly ever, have considered before. Trust? Yes. Faith? Yes. Courage? Negatory. It was long overdue-- and well perfectly timed.

This is how i visualize courage. I'm hiking. I'm hiking with Jesus. I'm hiking with Jesus and we come to a river. A big one. And well, we have to get across it. So, he goes ahead, he knows the way. (duh. He's Jesus.) He comes to fallen tree which lies across the of the river. It's well positioned and able to help us across. He knows better. He hops down. Across a few shaky bolders midst the rushing water and up onto the tree trunk. Easy. (Pshhh. He's Jesus) Deep down, my heart is beating fast. I'm trying to muster up a face of ease and two solid legs, however, my insides are fearful. One wrong step could have me barreling down the river. Smashing against rocks. Inhaling nasty water. Tumbling to obvious eminent death. (Actually- probably not, but it makes for a better story, right?) In reality, all I have to do is to take a few steps, and he's right there. And the water is moving- but hardly comparable to the rapids you, ahem, i have in my head. His hand is waiting to pull me up. All i have to do is just take that first step. In the midst of the fear- take a step. He'll grab my hand! (He's JESUS!) Go ahead. And, now. Now. OK, now.

Tis' courage, friends. Doing what needs to be done, in the face of fear. Not overcoming fear in a muster yourself up, superhero, chest pounding, pull up yer straps and swallow a bullet attempt of sorts. But rather, simply trusting that Jesus is who he says he is and will come through like he says he will!

Sometimes easier said than done, right? BUT... how much more attractive would we be to our watching world if we chose courage in our simple acts of life? Would people be more drawn to a God who calls us to risk and provides for us-- ABUNDANTLY, ALWAYS and PERFECTLY-- with a way to step forward and claim victory? I think so.

Lackluster life is not what Jesus calls us to-- he calls us to a full life! A full, abundant, awesome life! With that comes risk. Risk takes courage. And well... Jesus always comes through.

That my friends is awesome. And so is this video- so turn it up.