Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Family is Awesome.

This Christmas my family decided to do Christmas a little different. Like most families during the holidays, especially it seems in this economy, finances were tight. And well, we all decided that our "idea" was a whole lot better than a sweater.

So, here's what we did. We didn't buy presents- except for my nieces. They're just too much fun to watch open presents! My cousins made up bags with trinkets varying in degrees of randomness. On Christmas eve, in lieu of opening presents, we all drew a bag (even over skype!). The plan is this: each family unit is responsible to plan a date of sorts for the rest of the family. Our gift to each other is the gift of time. Fun times spent together as a family- just enjoying each other. Each family gets a month... so throughout the year we have intentional family times!

Well, the Potts family, yours truly, were up first. Our items: treasure map. hilly billy teeth. pooka shells. Awesome right?

Naturally, we hosted a pirate party and it was FANTASTIC. My lovely cousin, Ty, who is also a fantastic photographer, documented the evening... and you should check out her work.

My fam- in all our glory!

First Mate Fiddle and Sweet Tae

Servin' up the grub.

My beautiful sister and brother-in-law

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