Sunday, September 4, 2011

MountainChild USA Launch Party

So many of you know that i work for a non-profit organization called MountainChild. We work to CARRY HOPE to impoverished children living in the Himalayas.

(Yes, those are the mountains home to Mt. Everest. ) 

Almost a year ago i found myself trekking in Nepal with MountainChild and got to see first hand some of the great needs in that area of the world. Needs for improved health and access to clean water. Needs for accessible and culturally fitting education. Needs for preventative awareness to protect children and women from the schemes of sex trafficking and restoration programs to rebuild victims. And lastly, needs for improved farming techniques through environmental education and innovation to prevent child labor and to increase efficient crop yield.

These are the 5 Core Issues that the MountainChild agenda is built from. There is much work to be done... but MountainChild is moving deep into those mountains and getting it done.

At the center of it all is a greater Hope. And that is something i can stand behind!

So, here's why i write all of this. In an effort to raise greater awareness and funds for the work being done out in Nepal, MountainChild is extending its presence into North America. As we are able to share this story with more people, we are hopeful to extend our impact to the kids in Nepal. I have had the privilege of planning and preparing for that official Launch Party... and well, it's right around the corner.

Saturday September 24th, 2011 is MountainChild USA's Launch Party. It will be held in Laguna Beach at the Aliso Creek Inn at 6:00pm. This event will be an evening of great celebration! And also a prime opportunity to learn more about MountainChild, humanitarian work being done in the Himalayas, and how you can get involved-- and quite possibly visit!

I'm giving away a free ticket to this event! Dinner and entertainment in Laguna Beach... for FREE!  Yes. Free. Come on now, you're interested. I know you are!

And winning it will be easy. Here's how it works:
1. Comment on this blog entry or the Facebook post.
2. Tell your friends about MountainChild. Share on your Facebook wall.
3. Find MountainChild's Facebook Page and like it!

Easy schmeasy. I will pick a winner September 16th!

Good luck!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's about time.

Hello friends!

I shall no longer call you followers because well, for a unforgivable time, I have left no trace. My bad. I have said it once and will say again... i'm a bad blogger. But you keep coming back for more! What can i say? : )

I would like to blame this most recent laps of activity to my lack of time. I know, I know and easy scapegoat, but it's the truth. The past few months have been quite busy. To say the least. This morning was the first in i can't even remember how long that i've slept past 7am. It's nearing 11am , i'm still in my PJs, and i'm slowing enjoying my third cup of coffee. I've got nothing on my mind but going to feed the ducks with my nieces and writing this blog. Can i get a "PRAISE BE"?

I've needed some good rest and i think this morning was just what the doctor ordered.

So here's a little update on my life. Not that you want, or really need one. But, you are reading my blog, and are rather subject to whatever I choose to write about. So, read it! And enjoy! In my next post, i'm giving away something free. So, come back.

Ok. Onto this update. This summer has been a blur. So much has happened that I can hardly begin to write about it myself. So how do we feel about a few photos to recap? I say, I'll save my words for another more stimulating post, bring on the photos!

Early in July i got to spend 4 days with 30 Chinese students teaching them English. It was awesome! I was a sweetly reminded just of how much i love working with people/youth. I felt so alive afterwards and it was awesome. It also made me miss Asia.

The beginning of August brought me to Seattle with my best friend. We got to spend our time there with some other great friends, Christy and Guilian (who blessed us abundantly with their kindness and hospitality!) and got to see a bit of their life as church planters in downtown Seattle. We spent that time exploring the city, venturing to the countryside, and spending some much needed sista time! My best friend is beautifully pregnant with my sweet niece who we'll welcome to the world in November! This was an awesome last hurrah before she joins us.
Yay for Rosie!
Seattle is an awesome city. I fell in love with it! Truly. I loved everything about it. The low key hum of the city. The art and culture. The city sandwiched by beautiful country. Yea, i'm much a fan and could definitely see myself living there. If only the sun shone as it does in California.

And last, but most certainly not least (and most certainly overdue)... let me introduce Randy!
In rather random, yet wonderfully awesome timing, i reconnected with Randy in a conversation about teaching English in Korea. That was almost 7 months ago.
And well, I'm a fan. A big one! Of him. Of us. Of it all!
Friends, I'm blessed! So so blessed!
: )

Well friends! That's a little update of my life! You made it to the end which means you're either semi interested in my life and what's going on or you think i'm horribly intriguing. If you fall under the latter, I welcome you to revisit this blog! If i'm able to say so humbly, it does get better than this. And well, if you're just interested in my life and what's going on... i say, "Thanks mom!" : )

From this "wanna be a cool but fail at actually" blogger, Happy Saturday!