Sunday, March 6, 2011

awesome of the week- Jesus.

Yes, my friends, yes he is! I spent the latter part of this week at Catalyst Conference, in Irvine, CA. I had the opportunity to visit on behalf of MountainChild and it was amazing. Apart from connecting with other like minded non-profits, i was deeply enCOURAGED. I have never been in an auditorium surrounded by thousands of Church leaders before. Folks who love Jesus and desire to follow him into the world to make Him known to others. It was powerful and really awesome.

The theme was Take Courage. Not a virtue i often, or possibly ever, have considered before. Trust? Yes. Faith? Yes. Courage? Negatory. It was long overdue-- and well perfectly timed.

This is how i visualize courage. I'm hiking. I'm hiking with Jesus. I'm hiking with Jesus and we come to a river. A big one. And well, we have to get across it. So, he goes ahead, he knows the way. (duh. He's Jesus.) He comes to fallen tree which lies across the of the river. It's well positioned and able to help us across. He knows better. He hops down. Across a few shaky bolders midst the rushing water and up onto the tree trunk. Easy. (Pshhh. He's Jesus) Deep down, my heart is beating fast. I'm trying to muster up a face of ease and two solid legs, however, my insides are fearful. One wrong step could have me barreling down the river. Smashing against rocks. Inhaling nasty water. Tumbling to obvious eminent death. (Actually- probably not, but it makes for a better story, right?) In reality, all I have to do is to take a few steps, and he's right there. And the water is moving- but hardly comparable to the rapids you, ahem, i have in my head. His hand is waiting to pull me up. All i have to do is just take that first step. In the midst of the fear- take a step. He'll grab my hand! (He's JESUS!) Go ahead. And, now. Now. OK, now.

Tis' courage, friends. Doing what needs to be done, in the face of fear. Not overcoming fear in a muster yourself up, superhero, chest pounding, pull up yer straps and swallow a bullet attempt of sorts. But rather, simply trusting that Jesus is who he says he is and will come through like he says he will!

Sometimes easier said than done, right? BUT... how much more attractive would we be to our watching world if we chose courage in our simple acts of life? Would people be more drawn to a God who calls us to risk and provides for us-- ABUNDANTLY, ALWAYS and PERFECTLY-- with a way to step forward and claim victory? I think so.

Lackluster life is not what Jesus calls us to-- he calls us to a full life! A full, abundant, awesome life! With that comes risk. Risk takes courage. And well... Jesus always comes through.

That my friends is awesome. And so is this video- so turn it up.

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