Friday, December 30, 2011

Farewell 2011

Well December is coming to a close my friends... and you know what that means. The New Year, once again, is upon us. How about a photo recap to remember the awesomeness of 2011?

Ok. If you insist...

New Years 2011... Seoul, South Korea

 Spent the evening with some awesome sistas : )

 Before i headed home Monica Ssaim taught me how to make kimchi... and a smattering of other Korean's dishes :)

A feast we made! And what a great nite it was!  

 This was my last day of work...

To celebrate we headed to the north to go sledding on possible the coldest day of the year...

:) and then went to a water park. An indoor water park. It was awesome!

And then i went to Thailand

 where it was beautifully warm and awesome! 

I spent 10 days exploring...

and it was beautiful! 

Josh Koop and i on our last night together...

Need i say more?

With only a few hours back in Korea, i flew home... : ) 
10 hours in a Chinese airport and a 11 hour flight to California... i look happily busted to be back in California. 

Life back in California consisted of a lot of family. And time with my brother who'd grown all up while i was gone. 

Not long after returning my sweet friend Holly invited me to a Friday night Bible study... God knew just what i needed. I love these girls and am so thankful for our studies together.

It wasn't long after i returned home from Korea, within the first week actually, that i "met" and fell in love this with awesome man. And i'm so thankful i did! God knew exactly what he was doing!

Kicked off the summer in Palm Springs with the women in my family. 
Maybe the first vacation we had ever been on all together.

Kelly Guynn got married. Whoa to the whoa! 

Randy and i got together June 4th... and it was only the "start" something really wonderful. :)

Heather and i went to Seattle to visit the Guisti's... and it was AWESOME!

Pike's Place at Pike's Place. Have i mentioned that i love to travel? I do. A lot.

Disneyland was redeemed forevermore... and we'll be enjoying it often for the next year :) 
Thanks baby!

I spent most of the summer planning and preparing for Mountain Child USA's Launch Party

 With the help of many... it was an awesome success!! 

 My formal time with MC ended in October... 
but my heart to CARRY HOPE is still beating strong!

We celebrated the coming of sweet Rosie, who arrived healthy and beautiful November 14th. I remember when Heatha and i sat at lunch in high school eating carrot sticks and cookies. Look as us now... mommy and auntie. : )

Stashbash 2011... the culmination of our Family Gift of Time 2011. Each family hosted an awesome themed party... and it was wonderful! 

Nunkins and i 1930's. : )

Finished up the year with my small group. 
A few things i learned this year:
1. God voice is personal, and specific to me. He is moving intentionally and specifically in my life to accomplish his will. His Spirit is alive within me.
2. I am weak and in daily need of the Gospel
3. The love of Jesus is deeper and wider and fuller than i could ever know

And like every year, Christmas came and went as quick as ever. It was SO good to be home! 

In short, 2011 was beautifully full... in activity and awesomeness! 

Tomorrow will kindly wrap up this year, and as i look back i'm particularly thankful for God's hand in my life! He has blessed me this year, in so many ways! : )

So, here's to what will come in 2012... 

: )

On the radar:
- The LA Marathon
- Half Dome
- Turn a quarter of a century
- A wedding? 

Whatever comes, Jesus... may you be pleased! : )

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  1. Thanks for all the busted photos of me ;) haha!
    By the way you looked beautiful when you came back to Cali!!! Who is that chunkers you are holding? Holy toledo...time flies! Love you sister! You're amazing!