Wednesday, February 23, 2011

awesome of the week- desire to inspire.

Desire to Inspire. i love this blog. When i bookmarked it, i did so to a specific entry. "In Far off Zanzibar..."
And thankfully so. Every time i check this blog i am taken back to this initial entry and reminded of this awesome place and the beauty of this resort. Almost too awesome to believe. However, the more i research and really stumble upon awesome travel secrets the more awesomeness i find! There are some truly amazing places in this world... let me share a few of my favorites. Thus far...

Let's go to Africa for a moment... to the Kilindi Zanzibar. Awesome.

Really? Does this actually exist. Don't worry- i'll find out!

Umm. OK. If you insist.

Let's move a little north to the romance of a Tuscan B&B, Follonico.

It's just so beautiful

And the view. Seriously?

How about at the foot of Mt.Kilmanjaro. In a tent- with a veranda looking out at the African vista? The African Embassy.

I could sleep here.

Yea. I think so.

Ok. Enough of that. This world is big... and off to sleep i go. In my twin captains bed.


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