Monday, February 14, 2011

awesome of the week- outdoor dining.

I LOVE eating outside. There really isn't anything else to add to that-- if given the option, and beautiful weather- outside please! Now, the only thing that could add to the joy would be some live music, an awesome view and a lovely friend.

An article came across Yahoo! today listing America's Most Romantic Restaurants.

My type of reading friends!

It listed some of the most amazing restaurants! Most of them offering an outdoor dining experience in some of the most beautiful places in America-- probably offering options that would empty ones bank account. So, while i'd undoubtedly fancy a dinner there i'm all about finding something similar local- just a little cheaper.

Here's what i found. EnJOY!

1. Rutabegorz- i'm bias as it's my favorite restaurant. However, i can confidently say you will not be disappointed. (Casual. Lunch. Old town eclectic. $)

2. Sundried Tomato Cafe - rockin' the 2011 OC Restaurant Week. Be sure to take advantage of their awesome discount. (Casual. Lunch/Dinner. Date. Beach people watching. $$)

3. 419 Veronese Cafe an organic conversation pieces in itself. This is the place for those, "Hey, lets get together!" type of outings. (Casual. Date. Art. $)

4. The Grill at Antler's Inn. California and Cajun? Umm.... ok. Up in a mountain lodge? This is a must. (Casual. Romantic. Seafood. $$-$$$)

For more awesome restaurants and a website to help you locate all the awesomeness. Check out UrbanSpoon.

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