Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures at the 99Cent Store.

So I was at the the 99Cent Store yesterday. Exciting... yes, i know. But, you know what's even more exciting? I went to get envelopes. And a hairbrush. Oh, the life i lead. It's epic i tell you. Just epic.

Like all trips to the 99 Cent Store, though not too frequent, I decided to take a stroll around the store. Survey the goods. Because, let's be honest, things are a whole lot cooler when they cost less than a dollar. I rounded my first corner, to find the jackpot of of 4th of July awesomeness. I'm not having a BBQ, or really any party for that matter, however, i was drawn the the patriotic kitchenware. They were 2 for a dollar and super cute. Maybe i'll plan a party. Anyone need a glow necklace?

I continued my adventure, down the aisle to find another mother-load of kitchenware. And if i can continue in honesty, I'm a total sucker for any serving dish made of white ceramic. Coffee cups. Plates. Jars. Bowls. Little ramekins. They're just so cute. A little strange, this i know. But, hey, you chose to read this blog. So, here's where my story gets really good (Was it good in the first place?). As i'm about to pass over the rest of the section, remembering i have no kitchen of my own to put any of these trinkets, I stumble across this.

And by holy heck, it made my afternoon.

Casual Living Outdoor Kitchenware- with creepy Jesus pictures on them. Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but I feel that serving a plate of bbq ribs and potato salad on Jesus' face crosses a line. Just sayin'.

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