Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The past few years have been years of constant transitions. And i think the same is true for most college aged folks. Semesters at school and breaks at home. Temporary commitments and seasonal jobs. Time spent traveling, a year in Korea. You know, normal life stuff. While at times my wanderlust keeps me up at night searching flight tickets, there is a safety and solidity in settling in. Planting roots, if you will. While sounds like I've just secured a mortgage and am with child, I am not. And can i get an amen to that? The simple solidity of being planted, with the ability to fully invest, for a while is good for the soul!

What i've realized in all of this, both in season of transition and in season of settled-ness, is the value of the awesome people who've been deposited along the way. I have people in my life who have been there for almost a decade. Crazy to think about life with those whom you've been friends with for that long. They've seen me at every stage of life. That's a scary thought. It's those friendships that also offer a smattering of blackmail material. Yet, those are the very people i'd fly across the world for.

Then there are folks who come into your life for seasons. Friends who, in a very short time, draw near to your heart. People who will be near for a time until God moves you elsewhere. Friends who show you true friendship. Who will leave you Korean funnies on your desk just to encourage you. Friends who will help you pack for Thailand and send you home with the promise of a friendship. Friends who meet you for coffee until the wee hours of the night and make you movie DVDs so you don't get bored in the airport. Who will also send you random pictures of his motorcycle- just to keep in touch! Oppas who are just that- Korean big brothers. The deposit of those people, and their friendships in my life are rich. And i'm so thankful for them!

Then new people come into your life or you find yourself reconnecting with folks after a time apart. Though sometimes seemingly out of the blue, the deposit these people drop into your life is equally awesome and exciting. Folks who'll wander a vintage store for hours and spend an afternoon making Snickerdoodles with you! (You know who you are.) Friends who you will tell you how awful you are at making flower arrangements and send you to get coffe instead. Someone who will also sit and talk about Jesus and men, and the cursed blessings of being a strong women.

So, the prompt of this post. Today i get to see my college roommates-- though roommate hardly encompasses my love for them! Now friends, these two ladies are awesome. Let me tell you. Our friendships started in a convent we like to call Alpha on a ResLife staff we like to call dysfunctional! And it only got better from there! One is happily married now. Both of them are successful, loving, servant hearted nurses. Both are beautiful, and funny, and generous beyond belief. I am so thankful for these women. For reasons more personal than i care to divulge on this blog. But, trust me. They're awesome!

While this post is rather specific to the people in my life- let me broaden it for a minute. The value of community and doing life, well, with people is unmatched! God has created us for relationship. He created us to do life with people. It's in those relationships, we see more fully who God is, and who he has made us to be! And there is an awesomeness, and adventure and joy to life in the company of people you love! So love people! Rock life with them... and make it count!


love them.
so much.

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