Sunday, May 8, 2011

awesome of the week- free things.

I have one word for this week: awesome. Considering this is an "awesome of the week" post... it better be, right? And i labeled it so for things that are free, so i'll tie that in too! : ) Now that i've totally explained the duration of this post, i'll go ahead and start.

Anyway, this week was awesome for a few reasons. Tuesday Morning i got in my car and headed to the court. I was hopeful that a red light ticket, totaling $490, would somehow be reduced. I rocked a cute outfit, called him "sir", and smiled a lot. And well, i'm not ashamed of that, gots to work whatcha got! So, regardless of my sweater and charm, God had favor and the judge lowered my ticket! PRAISE BE! I'm thankful for that! Following that, i went to sit at Starbucks to finish some work and got an an awesome email. "You WON." You see, there was a conference i had been looking to attend, but considering i'm ngo, i got no money yo, and sadly couldn't go. (Catch that rhyme folks?) So, I entered a contest on a blog i follow and well folks, i won! Awesome right? Free things are awesome! I can now no longer say "i never win anything!" That was Tuesday. The conference was Wednesday... in Huntington Beach. Twist my arm. I'll rearrange my schedule.

Tuesday night rocked. Coffee with a dear sister from Colorado. Movie with some awesome friends.

Wednesday morning i headed down at an hour of the morning only holy for crazies, as to avoid traffic, and found myself sitting at the beach with my Bible and apple in hand, early for the conference. I'll leave the details of that out. Because well, when you're in love, sometimes you just gotta keep things secret! ; )

The conference was amazing. A more specific post on it to come on it later, but it was fantastic! I learned so much and was inspired to think big, God-sized thoughts simply sitting in a room of awesome thinkers! Yea. Cultivate Conference... if you're considering attending. Do it. You'll be thankful you did!

Wednesday night after the conference, i found myself wandering around Laguna Beach. It was awful. The scenery was horrible. The weather dreary. Yea, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. So i headed to La Mirada to crash with a dear friend.

Laguna Beach. Just awful i tell you.

Thursday morning came. After shooting my GPS in the face, i made it to the conference. And it finished as strong as it started. My take away was this: design, create, think, plan, do awesome things as if God gave a damn. Excuse my language, but it's just so true! My afternoon consisted of an awesome fish taco. The beach. A book. A nap. And a much needed sunburn. AWESOME, i tell you! Space and quiet are good for the soul- especially at the beach! Both of which are free!


Friday finished my week out beautifully! Got to spend the day with a wonderful friend getting lost in an old antique store. I know... awesome, right? We didn't come away with any awesome purchases, though there were many worthy contenders, but the time spent was far more valuable. And again, awesomeness for free is what i talking about!

There we have it folks. Free is awesome. Like winning free tickets. (More like God blessing your socks off by giving good gifts just because he loves us!) Like quiet space to be with Jesus. (At no cost to us, just because Jesus welcomes us into his presence just to be near him!) And like free adventures. (Because time with awesome folks is really good for the soul!) And while i'm at it, i'll add new life to the list. Because Jesus came to give me life and life to the fullest and I could never make enough money, work hard enough, or love deep enough to even begin to think i could buy it!

Awesome of the week- free things.

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