Monday, May 23, 2011

I got joy...

joy joy joy... down in my heart! Where? Down in my heart! (Kick-back Bible song anyone? Ok, moving on! It was before my time too.)

But seriously! Joy! Friends, it's so good for the soul! It really is! I'm sitting here, after a rather "normal" day simply overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord. His favor in my life is so undeserved and yet its sweet blessing is being poured over me in crazy awesome amounts! My cup is filled and runs over most definitely! Who needs some... i gotchu! : )

Last night at church i was reminded that God is my Father! Tim Khul rocked the face off that message. God is my dad. His arms are steadfast and strong to catch me. His wisdom is great and all knowing. He is quick to protect me! His holiness sets him infinitely apart from all that i am, and that promises goodness! He is a good dad! And he delights when his daughter runs to him! It brings him joy and delight when i run to his arms! I can't help but overflow when i think about it! I am the daughter of a God who is in perfect control of it all. Everything. Every single detail! He takes delight in orchestrating the events of life to bring himself honor and for the goodness of those he loves and who love him! And for kicks, he decides to bless the heck out of his children! He loves us! Oh, how he loves us!

Dang yo. He's got me! He's got it covered! He's my dad! And well, the three year old in me wants to ask for a pink pony and a prince charming... : )

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