Sunday, May 8, 2011

{ happy mother's day! }

no lady can have too many flowers!

A tribute to my Madre....who is beyond awesome and worthy of much more than a blog post... but here she is! : )

Isn't she lovely? I think so.

She supports me and all my craziness more than i can ever be thankful for!
(even down to moving to Korea!)

She and my dad sacrifice and provide abundantly to give good gifts... for which i am SO thankful for!

She's recently stepped up as first mate, but has served up love on a plate to us and whomever else steps foot in our house since i can remember.
I'm thankful for the picture of servitude and a the blessings of a humble home.
(She taught me how to cook. and passed down her infinity for olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, avocados... and well flavor in general.)

Yup. She's awesome for many many more reasons than listed here. She is wise and faithful, patient and kind and looked at by many as a woman who looks like Jesus. I am among them!
She shows me what love looks like. For that i'm thankful!
And well folks, i love her... so so much! And so should you.

So Madre... you now have a tribute on the good ol' world wide web. If i start making any money, i'll give you cut. Until then... i'll continue to post pictures of you without your permission and wait for you to read my blog to find them!


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