Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Be all in everyday."

I attended woman's retreat this past week. Yup. I guess i'm officially welcomed into the womanhood! Hola!

: )

To be completely honest, when i think woman's ministry i think doilies. I know, it's a bit drastic. But it's the truth. So, when i signed up for Woman's Retreat i was a little cautious of what was to come. I was excited to spend the weekend with the women in my family, yet admittedly a little wary they'd have me scrap booking. (Or worse.)

Considering those were my latent, obviously unspoken expectations, i was naturally blown away! It was a fantastic weekend! Truly! Sitting in a room of powerful, beautiful, Spirit filled, ridiculously funny woman was good for my soul! I get encouraged to see woman doing life with each other! While i'm still young, in age and faith, i'm passionate about discipleship and the role of older women speaking into younger women's lives. It's essential. And well, spending a weekend in the blessings of that was so good!

Anyway, the lesson i took away is simple. But i like simple... so it's perfectly fitting!

"Be all in everyday."

So simple, right? I just love it. What really excites me though, is the possibilities of actually living it out! That, my friends, is far from simple! And I think it could prove rather radical! Think about it. Waking up every morning telling Jesus that all i am today is available for all of what he'd have for me today. Could you imagine? Where would he take me? Who would he have me bless? What would his Spirit teach me?

What about in a marriage? Just think about how waking up committing to be actively engaged in your spouse and that relationship, today, would cause a spark! Could that cover a multitude of sins? What about your job? How would showing up to work prepared to be "all in" (and not on Facebook) change your output? Maybe your attitude would be different?

So, this week, my challenge has been this. Pray daily that i'd be all in! All in to whatever God would have for me today. The people, the places, the conversations. All of it. I trust that God is doing something big! And that, my friends, is AWESOME!

This photo has nothing to do with my post. But i just love this little girl!

"Hey Nunkins, make a funny face!" This is what i get. Joy to my heart!

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