Friday, April 22, 2011

awesome of the week- rainbow cake.

My niece turned the big ONE and her mom, cousin and i made her ONE awesome cake. Who wants a ONE layer cake when you can have SEVEN? And who wants ONE color when you have have SEVEN bright colors of awesomeness stacked nicely together? NoONE. So, after FIVE hours of rotating TWO pans, and FOURTEEN cakes later we THREE had ourselves the fixings for TWO, SEVEN layer rainbow cakes.

And it was AWESOME! Awesome. ONE batch of lemon buttermilk frosting and THOUSANDS of bright sprinkles... we had the best cake EVER. I mean ever. I don't think Sweet Tae even ate any, as she destroyed the free cake from Staters, however, we were overjoyed to cut the beauty! And well, all of her party guests were in awe!

That what i like to call a job well dONE! : )

Rainbow Cake Recipe from Martha Stewart herself.
However, we blew hers out of the water. Or out of the rainbow. (Like Skittles.)

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