Saturday, April 9, 2011

You can judge me. It's ok.

So, my body has sadly mistaken itself for a middle aged woman. (Which unless i plan on dying at the early age of 46, is hardly accurate). This is sadly evidenced in the fact that i wake up at 7am, every morning, regardless of all desires to sleep and with no consideration for the minimal hours of actual sleep in me. This is unacceptable.

But nature will have it's way, so after tossing and turning until 8, i got up with only one thing on my mind. Coffee. (Go ahead. Judge away.) With my heart set on a warm mug of awesomeness, i walked out to a sad, sad smell. You see, it's the all too familiar smell of a morning when we've run out of coffee. Of what, you ask?


Yes. Raspberries.

We have the stash of coffee (if you can even call it that) of raspberry coffee that is resorted to when we've hit the bottom of the real stuff. It makes for a rather tragic morning. I fight a crappy attitude (i know, judge on)... and rummage for something that will provide a warm caffeine jolt. (Who even makes raspberry coffee? I have no desire to dip strawberries in my coffee, who would think raspberries would be any different? It's ludicrous disguised as luxury and i have no interest in it.)

Doubly painful was that i finished off my black tea selection earlier this week. With no coffee, no tea, and the sad attempt at the first wafting throughout the house, i managed to find the end of a jar of instant espresso and went to work. It was just enough for a bitter quarter cup of jolt to kickstart my morning, but was sadly lacking the tenderness to truly warm my heart. (I know. I told you, keep judging.)

A Facebook update, an egg and toast, and a warm shower later i was still struggling to wake up. Then, Madre walked in from the grocery store with the treasure. Around 1pm i fixed up a pot of gold (true, undefiled coffee.) and drank 2 blissful moose mugs (which is probably 5 actual cups) of it.

I really like the taste of coffee, which is why i like to drink it. I also like the routine of enjoying it in the morning as i read my Bible (Judge now sucka.). I'm just admittedly off kilter a bit without it-- i'm ok that that. And, plus, it provides really good material for a blog post like this. : )

: ) thanks mom!

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