Monday, April 11, 2011

Impress Me.

I am thirty minutes into my "work day" and i've yet to crack my email. I've been doing battle today-- which takes precedence over my timecard. The enemy is a roaring like a lion seeking to steal, kill and destroy. And well, he's not welcome. Christ has victory over him, and in his strength i do battle.

Yesterday the Lord blessed me in his Word and the calling to be daily impressed with God. To be daily taken back by his greatness and wowed by the King of Kings. Yesterday was a such blessing and my heart was thankful. It was such a beautiful day!

I woke up this morning, yes, promptly at 7am, with a pep in my step. After opening the Word, with a warm cup of coffee in hand, I got inspiration to write something. It's been a while since i've dappled in poetry, but God uses creative things of the sort to speak powerful truths to me. So i got out my computer and went to work.

The enemy took note and welcomed his sorry ass into my head. In lies of who i was as Christ's bride-- don't go there fool. It's amazing how many lies, the ones you thought were dead, he brings up in a few short minutes. But, i pressed through-- His truth is more powerful.

And for all you girls reading this-- i'm having a "blah" day. You know those days when you don't feel right in anything you put on, when you're hair is funky and well, you should have saved the mascara for another day? So, i fought back. Pony tail. Jeans. T-shirt. Jesus can't take his eyes off me.

Then i learn of my Popi, who so lovingly did the hard work, that two blasted minions (or mice) have made their home in my belongings in the garage. Awesome. Battle in my mind. "It's ok Sarah. You said if you haven't used it in a year you were going to sell it anyway."

Daily battle. Right here folks. In the raw and real.

Today is monday- but that is no excuse for a crap shoot day. No excuse to let the enemy speak stress, or the feeling of being overwhelmed, or any of those lies. he is the father of lies, and he likes nothing more than to disrupt the work of God in our lives. Recognize it. Has he stolen your joy? Is he tinkering with it? FIGHT THAT FOOL. Is he stealing your peace? FIGHT THAT FOOL. Is he tampering with what God is trying to tell you... FIGHT THAT FREAKIN' FOOL and don't back down until he flees like a little girl. (no offence to the little girls reading this blog.) No room to mess. Jesus is good. He is the giver of life... and well, all else can peace the heck out.

So. There's the background story of my morning. Onto the piece i wrote.


Impress Me.

I want to be amazed.
I want to be found awe stuck.
I want to be left moonstruck and bone struck, fancied and lone struck,
Can’t speak of my name in the face of my King stuck.
Impress me!
I want my breath snatched away.
I want to be left panting and wanting.
Unable to speak because i can’t feel my feet,
My mouth without words, stopped dead in my tracks-

Show me your greatness!
Holding all that is beautiful, fashioned. Displayed.
Impress me!
Captivate my senses.
Lock my eyes in your gaze. Tune my ears to your voice.
That i might know you!
Let me taste of your goodness. Locked deep, shut down, bound tight in your Love.
Leave me longing and restless. Unable to sleep at the joy of your presence.

Overwhelm me with safety.
In the palm of your hand, clothed royal and loved-
You impressed me.
You created, imprinted, etched, carved and you knitted
The word of your plan on my heart.
You have folded and grafted and waywardly snatched.
Taken for yours.
You have chosen. Predestined, foreknew ‘for all of creation,
I am taken.

Impress my heart.
Till i’m left pale in face.
Pound it into my heart, on my head, between my eyes. Because i’m forgetful.
Remind me.
Of your faithfulness to Israel. Though lusting and longing, defiled and untrue-
You provided. Bread rendered from heaven. Water flowed of a rock.
You brought victory.
By the hands of a weak man, squatting low on a rock. His hands held high- by his brothers.
You are faithful.

Impress me.
You are the author of time and fashion out beauty.
Continue to wow me.
That i might be found utterly wordless, perfectly doubtless,
And empowered.
Uncluttered, now clear, unbroken, made whole.
Captivated by beauty, Hungry for Truth.
Neck deep in your graces moved only by your Word.
Impress me!

Do so abundantly.
Over-the- topped-flowingly.
Overwhelmingly, astoundingly, I know nothing else more awesomely,
Impress me!
That lookers would know, in the eye of your Bride, that i’m yours!
That i’m taken.
Unmistaken. So shaken, sent brilliantly awakened.
Help me to love them. Like you did. Humbled and pointed.
Impress me.

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  1. Ahhh Sarah, Your words are beautiful! you and your heart and hunger for the Lord IMPRESS ME. ily.