Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Else Where: MountainChild at Catalyst.

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Have i told you recently that i love my job? I do.

I had the awesome opportunity to visit Catalyst Conference this past week on behalf of MountainChild. Held in the lovely city of Irvine, California, Catalyst Conference annually gathers thousands of powerful leaders to address the ideas of leadership and world change. It is the hope of this conference, along with those also held annually in Atlanta and Dallas, to launch an igneous movement of leaders set on changing the world. While my notebook is filled with bullets and sub-points on many things, I came home with one main, rather simple, observation: Awesome things are happening in this world.

That statement may not settle well with you. It’s rather contradictory to that of CNN and even messages from the pulpit. It doesn’t take long to find a suitable counter example either, but trek with me for a minute and let me explain.

The notability of speakers at this conference was pretty remarkable. Church leaders. Social justice advocates. Authors and inventors. Financial advisors and movie directors. All of these, powerful figures in their areas of interest, set on a united vision: changing the world and leading others to do the same. Be it in the local church, or water projects in Africa. Through progressive literature and gadgets, to concepts foundational to a burgeoning economy and innovative media. They each plug a unique message, but their ends are the same: change. This message stands face to face with a depressed economy, natural disasters, political unrest and is victorious. In spite of all these things, change is moving forth and great things are coming of it— worldwide!

Serving with MountainChild affords me the opportunity to know about the Himalayas and the good things that are happening in those mountains. Which, in all bias, is especially awesome! But, while sitting in the midst of powerhouse leaders, championing their own equally worthy causes, I was reminded that good things are happening everywhere. Carrying hope with MountainChild means that I get to take part in something a whole lot bigger. The good that comes from work being done in the Himalayas contributes to a greater mosaic of world change. A beautiful tapestry of goodness, if you will— and that is awesome!

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